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Jinhua Tuohe Printing Co.,Ltd

Jinhua Tuohe Printing Co.,Ltd is located in Yiwu which have the name of the capital of Commodities. It’s a new high-tech enterprise   with modern management system.   And it is a enterprise which sets production, development and marketing of heat transfer machine & heat transfer film as well as IML.

The company has scientific management and professional employee with good quality. There are 65% employee with college degree or above and 30 professional technician in TUOHE . It take advanced production and management system from Europe and get export license. TUOHE series of heat transfer machine has passed EU CE Certification. The company always take the original intention of people and customer first.....

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1. Heat transfer film / bronzing film2. Heat transfer machine3. Heat transfer rubber wheel4. Shrink film5. Heat transfer paper
a. More than 10 years of production experience
b. Low price & short delivery time
c. Free samples
d. Korean quality and best after sales service
e. Professional design

YIWU SHOP: NO.83, Chouzhou North Road, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

YOUNGKANG SHOP: NO.25, Shifang Middle Road, Gushan Town, Youngkang City, Zhejiang

Factory: Jindong Industrial Park, Jinhua City, Zhejiang

Contact: Ms Jiang               Wechat: jiangpan8877

Mob: +86 13221288877     Tel.: 0579-82627226

QQ: 455716815

E-mail: 455716815@qq.com

Web.: www.hbltai.com

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